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Organic Electronics and Photonics Group

The group of “Organic Electronics and Photonics” belonging to the “Institute of Materials” (IUMA) of the University of Alicante (UA) performs research in the development of organic materials, the characterization of various types of optical and electronic properties and  the design and fabrication of optoelectronic devices. The group is composed of researchers from different departments of the University of Alicante. In recent years, the group has focussed mainly in two research lines: (1) Organic solid-state lasers  and (2) Photoconductive and photorefractive materials.
The group was formed in 2002, when Dr. M.A. Díaz-García, leader of the group, joined the Dept. of Applied Physics at the University of Alicante (UA). She has actively worked in the field of organic solid-state lasers since 1996. She joined other researchers at the UA, specialists in holography in 2002, conforming a new group that has focussed in:

  1. The development  of organic materials (polymers doped with active laser molecules or oligomers) to act as laser active materials, through active collaborations with groups of Organic Chemists, as well as collaborations with Quantum Chemists to model the properties at a molecular level.

  2. Characterization of the amplified spontaneous emission properties of the materials in waveguide configuration and optimization of fabrication parameters, focussing mainly in improving the photostability.
  3. Fabrication of distributed feedback (DFB) lasers by holographic methods and by nanoimprint lithography, the later ones in collaboration with Tekniker.
  4. Characterization of DFB lasers and modelling.
  5. Fabrication and characterization of photoconductive and photorefractive materials.


Department of Applied Physics

Facultad de Ciencias, Fase II - Planta 2ª
Universidad de Alicante
Carretera de San Vicente del Raspeig s/n
03690 San Vicente del Raspeig
Alicante (Spain)

Tel: (+34) 96 590 3540

Fax: (+34) 96 590 9726

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