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Organic Electronics and Photonics Group: Research

Solid-state lasers based on organic molecules and semiconducting polymers.


Fabrication of polymer lasers based on: waveguides, microcavities and distributed feedback (DFB). Techniques for the characterization of the laser properties: luminescence, determination of laser thresholds, gain and losses.

Charge transport, photogeneration and photorefractivity.

- “Time of flight” technique for determination of electron and hole mobility in organic materials. Measurements at variable temperature (from room temperature up to 150 ºC). Studies in polymers, organic molecules, liquid crystals.

- Temperature dependent steady-state photocurrent measurements on organic materials

- Preparation of phtorefractive polymer composites. Experimental techniques for photorefractive characterization. Elipsometry for electro-optic measurementes, phtoconductivity, two and four wave mixing.

Previous research projects

  • Nonlinear optics in organic materials
  • Preparation and characterization of waveguides
  • Optical tweezers
  • Holography
  • Dry Processing of Semiconductor Samples

Department of Applied Physics

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