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NanoPhysics Group

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Welcome to the Nanophysics group of the University of Alicante

Our group works in the study of electronic, magnetic, mechanical and topographic properties at the atomic scale.


Our research is based on both the experimental and the theoretical approach. From the point of experimental visit the use of tunneling microscopes (STM) allows us to study topography and electronic properties in different environments and conditions. In addition, simulations based on molecular dynamics (MD) allow us to study the possible evolution of these structures when subjected to compression, traction or extreme cooling.

On the other hand, calculations based on first principles on atomic size structures allow us a greater and deeper understanding of the properties that emerge when we reduce our systems to nanometric size.

Our interest in Nanophysics includes:

  • Measures of electronic transport in a single atom, molecule or two-dimensional material whose thickness is one or two atomic layers. Tunnel effect microscopy and atomic forces.
  • Measurements of electronic transport and microscopy in conditions of cryogenic vacuum and low temperatures (4.2k) or also in ambient conditions.
  • Modeling of two-dimensional materials and metal nanocontacts subjected to compression or traction forces
  • Calculations of electronic transport at the level of a single atom, molecule or surfaces that comprise its thickness between a 1 or several atomic layers.
  • Quantum Computing. NOTICE: RESEARCH CONTRACT (for the completion of the doctorate) All the information in this link

Department of Applied Physics

Facultad de Ciencias, Fase II - Planta 2ª
Universidad de Alicante
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