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Wine of honour with reason of the implantation of the Degree in Physics in the University of Alicante


Today we Have given the starting signal to the degree in Physics of the University of Alicante appreciating to all those that have made it possible:

Monday 12 September 2016

Mr Magnificent Rector, academic authorities, colleagues,

It is a joy, an honour, can celebrate with all you that today the degree in Physics of the University of Alicante is a reality.

The physical is the science that helps us to answer the most fundamental questions that join to the man with the universe, with his surroundings; with the biggest, the smallest and the daily. It is the science that translates our reality to the purest language of the logic, the one of the mathematics.

The physics serves of base to the rest of the sciences and of the technology. Have people formed in Physics is essential in the gear of a society. We think that the offer of studies in sciences, that today complete in the University of Alicante, goes to improve the training of the society of our surroundings creating new opportunities of growth.

Our department has worked from does three decades so that this moment was possible from the convencimiento in the ideal of university of Wilhelm von Humboldt, creator and ideologist of the modern university . A model characterised by aunar the education and the investigation, in which it treats the science like a still unsolved problem of the all that it has to be object of constant investigation. In this appearance want to follow deepening in our model of department doing investigation of high quality. En el futuro grow through programs of catchment of talent that can offer to our students, how asked Humboldt, professors that can qualify to the student to exert by himself same a scientific work.

We have elaborated a program of training that us enorgullece since in addition to giving a complete training that covers the most important fields of the physics, does emphasis in fundamental tools nowadays as they are the computational that go to distinguish our formative offer.

Today we want to appreciate the work of innumerable mates that have made possible this day. Some that today can not accompany us, jubilados, professors, researchers, personnel of administration and services. We want to appreciate to this faculty of sciences that has done his the achievement of a degree in Physics, to the departments of the polytechnical school, to the Real Sociedad Spanish of Physics and to the rectorship that has supported it for all the university community.

Between all these people would want to appreciate especially delivering them a memory of the occasion:
-To those who have chaired the commission of creation of the title: Mariola Molina and María Teresa Caballero
-To the dean of the faculty of Sciences: Luis Gras
-To the ex-dean of the faculty of Sciences: Andreu Bonet, the one who began this project.
-To the vice-chancellor of studies: Cecilia Gómez,
-To the rector of the University of Alicante Manuel Palomar.

And I appreciate in name the one of department of Physics Applied the presence of all you today here in this celebration that believe deserves this attainment that have achieved between all and in which now it touches us work with tesón to be able to educate without defrauding to the future students that will share with us these walls.

Carlos Untiedt Lecuona
Director of the Department of Physics Applied



IV Course "The science takes the word: The social problems of the pseudosciences"

It organises: University of Alicante

Date of realisation:    5-7 September of 2016

Place of realisation:   Campus of Saint Vicent of the Raspeig, University of Alicante, living room of acts of the building Germán Bernácer


Direction: Isabel Abril, José M. Gómez Soriano and Rafael Garcia-Molina

Pre-registration (Compulsory only for recognition of credits)



Photos of the course

Videos Of the reports

Downloads videos

The smallest kilobyte

The professor of the department, Joaquin Fernandez Rossier and his group, have published an article in Nature Nanotechnology beside the university YOUR Delft (Paises Low), that shows the kilobyte smaller that has done never and in which they remember the legacy of Richard Feynman.

 "A kilobyte rewritable atomic memory" 

 The paper has received a pile of attention in diverse media  The EconomistWall Street Journal,  BBCDer Spiegel,  El País,  El Mundo

And scientific magazines   (ScienceNatureNature Nanotechnology ): 
Defence of Doctoral Thesis


”Experimental study of electronic transport in single molecular contacts and Surface modification via STM”


Doctoral student: David Costa Milán

Directors: Dr. Carlos Untiedt Lecuona Prof. Richard J. Nichols


Day: Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hour: 10:00 hours

Place: Boardroom Faculty of Law

Celebrated successfully the II Contest of Experiències Científiques

Last Saturday March 12 taked place in our faculty the "II Certamen d'Experiències Científiques". Meeting developed of successful and had the participation of  220 boys with ages from among 5 and 17 years, which presented scientific projects in representation of his educational centres (schools of primary, secondary and bachillerato) of Alicante, The Campello, Saint Vicente of the Raspeig, Benidorm and  Elda.

See pictures of the meeting 

See video

International year of international year of soils and light ...

International year of international year of soils and light

videos of "Pati de la Ciència 2015" !!!
New publication
"Pati de la Ciència" at the European Festival Science on Stage.


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